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The Vineyard Equestrian is a one stop shop for all necessary equestrian gear and equine supplies for the Martha's Vineyard equestrians.

Opening up Spring 2015 - The Vineyard Equestrian will start off as a mobile shop.  Traveling off island to local horse shows and primarily being on island to be available to the island residents.   

TVE will carry quality and affordable products for our island equine lovers and riders year round.  

Stay tuned to see what's new and exciting!






Some call it a life crisis or "finding yourself", whatever you decide to label it, it's that time in your life where you think, what now?  

With a bachelors in Equine Business Management, riding instructor, barn manager, program creator and director under the belt, there were 4 things I knew for sure:

 1. Owning a business has always been a dream.

2. Horses will always be in my life.  The love I have for those large, four legged, animals fills my heart with happiness nothing else can give me. (Sappiness, Check).

3. Fashion is very important.  Especially, equestrian fashion.  What a classic, cool look we get to sport! 

4. I love Martha's Vineyard.  It is my home.  

Well, all 4 of these fun facts mixed with the lack of equestrian apparel, gear and necessities on the island and a hard core brain storming session - the idea was born. I could picture it, and when you can picture something, it will come to life.  

Without further ado, The Vineyard Equestrian.

- Lillian